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Become a member !

Monday 18 March 2013, by BBTK-IMEC

Fill one of the member forms (here in Word or pdf) and send it either to the BBTK/ABVV in Leuven directly, or you can give it to Johnny who will forward.

If you prefer to become member near your home, you can give this form to any BBTK/ABVV or SETCa/FGTB office.

Become member of the BBTK (the employees Union of the ABVV-FGTB) Become member... in order to stay informed !
The social laws can be complicated. The BBTK gives you legal advices and keeps you up-to-date with the changes in the law. There is therefore :

  • A newsletter twice a month about legal and social news.
  • Publications such as Expresso , Memo or Focus, on various specific points (your rights, vacations, ...)
  • My BBTK: A private area on the website where you will find info more specific to your sector.
  • You can of course also count on your union representatives who will regularly send you relevant info.

Become member means being well represented ! At the company level you can count on your representatives. You representatives regularly meet with the company representatives.

A Union, why?

An employee alone will have difficulties to make his or her voice heard. The Union represents thousands of people together, and this is giving power to your voice.
Nearly 400.000 employees trust the BBTK, which is the Union of employees, technicians and managers of the ABVV-FGTB.
The BBTK believes in a fair society where solidarity is the base. Ensuring a safe future for the youngest as well as the less young ! Keeping our jobs and our social rights, offering good working and salary conditions, these are our priorities.
Even at IMEC, it is you own interest to become a member:

  • If you have a problem, it can be easier to start speaking with us than directly with HR.
  • Each of us knows exactly what is his/her role, but we often don’t have any idea of what are the other jobs at imec. If you are a researcher you often don’t know what an operator does, and reciprocally. At the union you will meet people with various roles.
  • Given the difficult period our economy is passing through and the possible changes it will yield, it can be good to know that you can find support at the BBTK representatives.

For foreigners and/or researchers which often consider themselves less involved, it is also in your own interest to become a member:

  • As a researcher, you often think that if any problem comes, you can discuss with your boss, as you are both reasonable persons. You are then astonished to see that one of your colleagues was fired without any notice.
    • What would you do if this happens to you? Do you know that writing a simple letter to your former employer costs 800 euros, regardless of the result?
    • This is of course an extreme example, and it is true that many things can be discussed amongst scientists, when the situation is good and the company healthy, but in times of crisis, everything is different and even the most open people come back to a hierarchical behaviour... As we know have recently often seen at imec!
  • As a foreigner you think: let these Belgian/Flemish people settle things between each other. But are you not paying taxes here? You both benefit and contribute to the general solidarity... Why would you not have your word in the decision making process? We think that everybody, high or low in the hierarchy, local or foreigner, Dutch-speaking or not, should be informed about what is happening in the company, and have his/her word to say...

Do you think the same? Join!


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