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Newsletter May 2018

vrijdag 29 juni 2018

Dearest imec employees,

As BBTK–team we would like to keep you informed about ongoing issues or events via our website BBTK-Imec -, facebook and our newsletter. For further questions or remarks, we are always available by mail or you can contact us personally. Also for questions about a subject we didn’t cover in our newsletter, you may contact us. By sending a brief mail to you can make sure you automatically receive this newsletter.

Work groups:

Last year a work group was founded which will evaluate arduous occupations for older employees. For imec these are the shift-employees.

The BBTK-team finds that a lot about this topic is governed by law. Which is why we made the proposition to expand the scope of this work group to all older employees at imec. We made some proposals, which the management would evaluate.

At the moment, the management has not taken into account any of our proposals, they even have not involved us in drafting the new 45+ plan. Despite what was agreed. We now have 2 months to respond to their proposal, which of course we will feedback to you.

Changes for Hardware employees in weekend shifts:

For years it was allowed for HW employees who had to work in the weekend, to do this in the early shift. A single sided decision found this was no longer feasible, and results in these employees having to cover for a late shift. This is the source of a lot of displeasure. That is why we did our utmost best to find a settlement in which everyone can agree.

Burnouts, lay-offs, displeasures:

There are multiple cases of people already sitting at home with or being anxious to suffer from a BURNOUT. In a lot of these cases we reached a helping hand, this is our goal.

People getting fired, or in case of a CAP, please contact someone from our team as soon as possible so we can do our best to assist.

In several groups, there is displeasure about the way of working with the group manager. Also in these cases, our people are ready to help. This however does not mean we can fix everything, but if we are unaware of issues, we cannot solve them.

It has also been stipulated by law that people who have been home for more than a month have the right to start an integration trajectory. Which means, in consultation, adapted work, time, ....

We want to point out that it is best to involve someone from the WNA, that we can follow that everything is done correctly. Before getting fired!

Smart workplaces :

Everyone will know that imec is working on this. BBTK imec is represented in the working groups. We would love to hear from you, your opinions, objections or benefits! Of course this remains anonymous, but then we can compile a list which we will defend.

Syndical premium :

Has everyone received the certificate for reimbursement of the Syndical premium?

The BBTK team is here for you, do not hesitate to contact us!

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Topics :

What about the IPA agreement: (only Dutch version, sorry for this inconvenience)

Please check if the Index adjustment was performed in January.

Collegial regards BBTK team imec

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